Monday, 30 April 2012

Shopping Haul :-)

Hey Ladies!

Sorry about the pictures but my parents are away and I said they could take my camera so I have had to use my phone for this post! I went shopping in Cardiff today which is really unusual for me and I only do it about twice a year so I was excited to see what was new in the beauty section of TK Maxx since I was there last Christmas.

The only brand in my whole Haul that I have tried before is Bomb Cosmetics so I'm really looking forward to seeing what these brands are like.

I managed to spend all my money in there and got a few great sets :-) 

I had this Stila set for £7.99 and it included a sharpener, lip glaze, a moisturising lip tint and lip glaze stick. I used to watch a lot of Pinkiecharm's videos on Youtube and she loves the Stila Lip Glaze so I'm really excited to try it out :-) 

The top swatch in the Lip Glaze Stick in Brown Sugar, The middle swatch is the Moisturising Lip Tint in Wine and the bottom swatch is the Lip Glaze in Spiced Ginger.

These are the Essie nail polishes I managed to pick up but the names on the bottom seem to be wrong sadly. 
The name on the bottom of the pink is Tangerine, and the other two say Capri, I searched for Tangerine and like I suspected they are totally opposite colours. Any help with finding out their true names from you Essie lovers out there would be amazing :-)
This set was £9.99

I also found the Color Club Set in Glitter Vixen which was £7.99 it has some amazing colours, in which I can't wait to try out! 

I also bought another Bomb Cosmetics soap from a local shop :-)

There was also a lovely set there from Leighton Denny which was really pretty but I had run out of money and really wanted the Essie set  :-)

So there is my new haul, I really need to calm down with the nail polish :-)

Thanks, Linzi xx


  1. Are the essies mini's?
    I think you made the right decision! I've heard the leighton polishes are really hit and miss.
    Great haul!!!

    1. Nope...15ML Each! Amazing right? Thanks Hun! :-) x