Saturday, 21 April 2012

Eau My Giddy God: The Body Shop: LOVE ECT...

Hullo girls,

               I have just finished watching a really good movie (200 Pound Beauty- amaaaazing!) and felt like writing another blog post! So I'm writing another Eau My Giddy God post, which is all about one special perfume which I will be doing every so often. I am a massive fan of fragrances, I hate the thought of not smelling good and It's just one of those things that I first pick up on when meeting someone new, Do I recognise that scent? So today's lucky perfume is........Love The Body Shop.
             I think one of the best compliment you can give and recieve is "ohh, you smell good!" and I'm happy to say I have recieved a few of those since wearing this perfume. Which I have been wearing non stop for the last few months! I'm in love and I only payed £6! Bargain!
             Love Ect is a lovely light perfume that is great for day time, it's very girly but not too immature and has quite a unique and interesting scent. I think it would be great for school or work because it's not a offending scent. It very subtle and fresh.

             What The Body Shop Website says : "Our irresistible fragrance in a lasting eau de parfum: a heart-stopping fusion of jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood notes."

               So If you want a clean, girly scent that is not over powering then this is perfect. It's priced at £14 on the webstie but they are always having sales on :-)

                                            Have you tried any Body Shop perfumes?

                                                              Thanks, Linzi xx



  1. I love the title! Brilliant!
    I haven't tried them but I will! I love when people compliment you on your perfume.

    I passed on the Liebster, Blogger appreciation and 11 question award/tag on to you. You need an email address so I don't clog up all you comments with these haha. The rules are on my blog under blog awards.

    1. Awhh...Thanks! I shall take a look now :)xx

  2. It sounds like a perfume I would try.

    1. It really is a wonderful perfume! If you get the chance, try it :)