Sunday, 15 April 2012

REVIEW: Boots Natural Collection Juicy Lips lip gloss

Hello Ladies,

I have been thinking about future blog posts today and I realised that I was missing some of my favorite products so I'm very eager to introduce to you two lip glosses that seem to spend most of their time in my handbag or jeans pocket :)

Sherbert Fizz By Natural Collection

This is a pink lipgloss that has tiny shimmers, its smells lovely and sweet and goes on smooth without being sticky. I find it looks great on its own or over a pink lipstick. The Natural Collection is a very inexpensive brand from Boots that have a lot of great products in its line.

Fondant by Natural Coollection

It is a creamy, peach nude and I often wear it over my GOSH Darling lipstick as that is way to pale for me on its own. The gives it a lovely peachy tone. Again it smells lovely and goes on smooth without being sticky.

I have been buying Natural Collection since I was young and I still go back to it at times, for the price you can not beat the quality.

These lip glosses are priced at £1.99 but are often on a "3 for 2" offer or a buy 3 for £5 offer :)

Have you tried Natural Collection?

Thanks, Linzi xx 

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