Monday, 2 April 2012

REVIEW - Maybelline Nail Polish in Mermaid Blue

Maybellines Mermaid Blue Nail polish is a bright metalic blue, It gives an amazing effect to the nails that is very eye-catching. Everytime I have worn it I've gotten compliments on how interesting it is. Blue nail  polishes are my favorite right now, light blue, dark blue. It doesnt matter, I love them all.

There are many nail polishes like this out there, I think nearly every brand I looked at in Superdrug the other day had an equivalent to it. The day I bought this I was looking at the GOSH nail polish in Ocean but I found this to be an amazingly close match to it and this was cheaper and because I'm still saving for that laptop this seemed more like the sensible buy.

I love the packaging, when I picked it up my mams verdict was that it looked "funky" so there you go, how could I not buy it? :)

One coat held up well but I applied two just for luck, It lasted a good two days on me without a top coat before it started chipping.
This is the type of nail polish that I wouldn't mind wearing during the day or on a night out. I think It's very adaptable and would look lovely with a nice sun dress or even some skinny jeans and a t-shirt.
These nail polishes are £2.99 each.
Thanks, Linzi xx

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