Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sunshine Award :-)

Hullo Everyone,

I was awarded this Sunshine Award by the lovely Roisin who has a lovely blog and the most amazing nails by the way! I'm so jealous! :-) Here she is, make sure you have a look!

So here are the rules :

  1. Each tagged person posts 10 things that make them happy.
  2. Choose seven people to tag.
  3. Let them now you have tagged them.

The 10 things that make me happy are:
  1. Reading romance novels ;-) 
  2. Bubble Baths *whilst reading romance novels!*
  3. Perfume *I seem to be starting a small collection* 
  4. Experimenting with makeup
  5. Nail polish 
  6. Shopping
  7. Family
  8. Reading reviews on products I'm interested in. 
  9. Writing about the things I love and talking about them with others.
  10. Dressing up! I love getting ready to got out with friends and applying each others makeup :-) 

The 7 people I tag are :

 I also had my second Versatile award from Demi Mist! Who Is amazing by the way so make sure you go and check out her blog :-)

Thanks again both of you! 

Linzi xx