Friday, 20 April 2012

Brand Review - BOMB Cosmetics

Hullo Ladies,

      I am writing about a brand today, it's a brand I have been using for a few years now and its called Bomb Cosmetics. I first started using their products when I bought my nan her 60th Birthday present from them, which was a box full of chocolate scented bathroom goodies :) I bought it from amazon and when I recieved it, I went straight online and bought one for myself too. I couldn't resist that gorgeous smell. I found a local shop that sells Bomb Cosmetics, so check around to see if anyone sells them by you :).

Bath Tulip


£2.99 on their website.

This gently fizzes in your bath releasing a creamy foam that is full of rich shea and cocoa butter, I find that using the whole thing at one time releases to manys oils into my bath,so I break it up and use it in four or five baths, which is exactly what they say to do on their website.

Handmade Soap Slice

Go Mango

£2.49 on their website.

I come from a family that has very sensitve skin, luckily enough I can usually get away with using most products and havn't had a strong reaction to anything for awhile now. Sadly the same thing can't be said for my father and brother. They have trouble with most brands but one day they spotted a lovely looking bar of soap *my bar of soap!* in our soap dish and thought "why not?" hmph! Anyway, I have been buying them these soaps ever since, christmas, birthdays and even the odd anniversary :P these soaps are made with vegetable based glycerin and natural essential oils. They have so many soaps to choose from, from dead sea salt too lemon meringue :) which is a personal favorite!

 Bath Mallow

Orange and Cinnamon

£2.09 on their website.

Bath Mallows are full of cocoa butter and shea butter and are very creamy, they fizz very gently and I find this makes them last longer in my bath I can sometimes even use it for the next nights bath :) which is always great. Again, I sometimes find that these can be a bit oily. Especially if I have used the whole mallow on one bath but this is easy to prevent by only keeping it in for a few minutes.

Bath Brulees

Choc around the clock

£2.99 on their website.

 I love getting out of the bath after I have used these products. You can just tell thats what is in them is great for your skin. You feels soft, hydrated and soothed. :-)

Tinned Candles

Orange Mai Tai

Price varies on their webite.

I only recently got into scented candles and the first one I picked up was from Bomb Cosmetics, they have a lot of differnt candles, some are in tins like this one and others are in glass. These tins are recyclable and have some of the most amazing scents. This candle claims to last to 45 - 50 hours :-)

I found out about a lot more products on their website that I didn't know they made like hair products, body lotions and even lip balms!

So have you tried anything from Bomb Cosmetics before?

Linzi xx


  1. Never heard of them before but I'm going to look them up. I'd love to see what their candles are like. I usually buy yankee candles but the smell is a bit hit and miss.

    1. I've wanted a yankee candle for a long time but can't seem to give that much money for a candle...I find that the Bomb Cosmetics candles can be a cheap alternative. Especially if your local seller has loyalty cards! :)

  2. I have. Im an avid blogger of them :) I prefer the creamers. The only thing I kinda dont like is sone have over bearing synthetic-like smells. But that could be because how my local garden centre stocks them. Ie. They dont look after them. Ps I love your photos