Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Barry M's New Nail Paint - Copper

Hullo Ladies,

A few days ago I stopped in Superdrug and noticed that Barry M had a new nail paint out, I later searched online and they seem to have a few new ones out but sadly my Superdrug doesn't have them in yet.


I am in love with Barry M nail paints and I seem to be writing about them a lot lately so maybe a break is in order, but just before I stop with the chatter on Barry M I want to show you this new colour. As you can see its a very unique and very eye catching colour. As soon as I saw it in the shop I had to buy it. My parents are going away on holiday soon and my mam wants me to paint her nails this colour before she goes so I can imagine we are going to end up sharing this one :)

It's a copper colour and when looking at the bottle closely I'm sure I see green and red shimmers running through it.

It applies really well and dried very quickly. I find that Barry M Nail paints have great lasting power, often lasting three or four days before I see any considerable wear but I applied a top coat so that it lasts just that little bit longer. :)

Have you tried any of the new Barry M Nail Paints? 

Linzi xx


  1. I don't think they are in my local boots yet but I hope they come in soon!Ireland is woeful for getting up-to-date nail varnishes in :(
    The colour is lovely! It's so nice that yer mam wants to share it with you

    1. I know, it's horrible that they arn't in every store at the same time :(

      Its her Birthday soon, so I might pick her one up of her own, havn't got a clue what else to get her haha x

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