Saturday, 21 April 2012

REVIEW : NYX : Make-up Artist Kit

Hullo Ladies, this is my first NYX purchase that I found in TKMaxx last summer for £14.99. It has 36 eye shadows, 5 lipgloss' and some face and cheek colours.

This is a terrific set for those who are just starting out in makeup and want to experiment with colour, there is a range of eye shadows from soft golds too bright greens.

The following are some of the colours that I use regally from this palette.

Here are some lovely plum colours, light pinks and violet.

You are going to need a primer with these, as they are not the best eyeshadows I have tried, I find some of them quite hard to blend. Then you have some that show no colour and others that are so pigmented that you barely need to touch your brush to the produsct to pick up a good amount of colour. These NYX eye shadows seem to be hit or miss but I do not mind given the price I paid.

There are some great "nude" colours in this palette, great for summer makeup with bright lips :)

I'm very glad I picked up this palette as I have had a lot out of of it, the blushes are very pigmented and there is a lovely bronzer that is just right for my very pale skin!

I would say this is great for girls who are just starting out in makeup and want a lot of variety but do not want to break the bank :-)

Hope you all have a great Saturday!
 Linzi xx


  1. this is a really good review,please do some OOTDS?

    1. Thank you so much! Sadly fashion isn't my thing....i'm terrible at it :) Sorry! I'm glad you liked the review though xxx