Saturday, 16 February 2013

Saturday Haul - TK Maxx Finds and Statement Necklaces

Hullo Ladies!

I spent today shopping with my Nan and I found some great things. 

First up was TK Maxx.

I went into TK Maxx hoping they might have had some more Too Faced Palettes in as I really want the Natural palette, sadly they hadn't but I did manage to find some hidden gems from the brand Dainty Doll. I've always wanted to try this brand as it's aim is to enhance pale skin but I wasn't willing to pay the price for a brand I hadn't heard much about!

I was so happy to find two bags for £7.99 each that both had one blusher, lipstick and eye shadow/eye shadow base. Such a great price! 

The Blushers In the bags were My Girl and Money Talks. You can find them both here

The eye shadow is called Treat Her Like A Lady and can be bought here.

The Eye Shadow Base is called Frankie Girl and can be bought here.

These are the swatches of the two lipsticks in Saucy Sailor and Stripped which you can buy here.

Next I popped into New Look to look at the necklaces as I've been loving the statement pieces I've been seeing everywhere lately! 

I love this necklace, sadly my camera isn't picking up the true cobalt blue colour of it though. I can't wait to wear it! £6.99 from New Look.

I've been wanting to pick up some clothing with the peter pan color for awhile now but the only ones I've really liked are out of my price range so I decided to pick up this beautiful collar necklace.! You can get it for £7.99 here

At the moment Boot's have a third off alll Dainty Doll make up so make sure to check that out!

New Look has a buy one get one free sale on all jewelry too :-) 

So that's all I got today! 

Have you ever bought anything from Dainty Doll? 

Linzi xxx


  1. Ooh I'd love to see a review on the Dainty Doll products, being a fellow Pale Skinned person they are definitely a brand that catches my eye.

    I did receive a eyeliner from the Carmine Box from Dainty Doll and unfortunately it was such a bad product, really hard to even do a swatch on the hand and not too pigmented at all. I was gutted and it's definitely put me off spending so much to try the other products, so would be awesome to see a review and hopefully it was just that pencil that was bad.

    The amount of products you got for the price is awesome though that's really good. TK Maxx are really selling some fantastic brand for a great price. I need to visit mine more often, I've not been in ages. xx

    1. I can't wait to have some fun with them hun, I've only had a quick go but so far I'm really impressed....sad about the liner but all brands have bad products i guess.

      You really should hun, I've found so many great products over the last 6 months!! xx

  2. Never tried the dainty doll brand. What do you think of the products?

    1. So far in love but I've only used them twice, I'm gonna try them a few more times before I write up some reviews! xx