Saturday, 9 February 2013

REVIEW/SWATCHES - MUA - Lip Boom - It's A Situation

Hullo Lovely Ladies, 

It seems like ages since I've done a review on a product!

I think I've just been rather boring of late! I'm thinking of changing that though and I'm looking forward to writing a lot more reviews in the up-coming weeks. 

This is a product I picked up from Superdrug a few days ago.  

I'd heard some amazing things about the MUA Lip Boom's  and really liked the look of them everytime I walked past the MUA stand. 

I've been loving the 'vampy' look lately and I really wanted another dark lipstick but didn't want to pay a big price for it, then I remembered reading a blog post about this lipstick 'It's A Situation' by MUA. 

For £3 I went straight to Superdrug and picked one up for myself. 

On one side of the Lip Boom you get a lipstick and on the other you get a lip gloss. 

You can wear these Lip Boom's in four different ways.

1) Just using the lipstick for a matte look. 

2) Using the lip gloss for highlighting the center of your lips to give your lips a bigger look.

3) Putting the gloss all over the lipstick to give you a high shine look

4) Wearing the lip gloss on it's own for a sheer glossy look. 

*Don't you just love an untouched lipstick?*

The lipstick is highly pigmented and a gorgeous deep berry red. 

It comes off more matte than my silly camera is making out. 

For a matte lipstick it has a very smooth texture which is almost moisturizing and not drying like you would expect. 

I love the fact that even though my lips are not in the best condition the lipstick doesn't stick to any dry patches. 

Both the lipstick and the lip gloss have a deliciously sweet fragrance that reminds me of caramel. 

As you can see from the swatch, the lip gloss has very big pieces of glitter, which while looking stunning on the lips doesn't feel to good. 

That and the fact that after thirty minutes I seem to find glitter all over my face, is the only downfall to this product. 

If I had paid a high amount for this duo I might have been upset but I'm willing to pay the £3 for just the lipstick alone. I simply just forget about the gloss. 

Though if unlike me you don't mind the downside this is what the lipstick and gloss look like on together.

This lipstick on it's own lasts a good amount of time on my lips, it does become patchy after a few hours so It's best to keep it on you for when you need to re-apply. 

So that's my review of the MUA Lip Boom in It's A Situation

You can find this lip product in Superdrug Stores and Online

Have you tried any of the MUA  Lip Boom's? 
Which ones are your favourite?

Linzi xxx


  1. I love this lip stick, I agree with you though the lipstick is worth the price on it's own, where I wouldn't bother with the gloss too much. xx

    1. I know!! I saw your recent FOTD with it on and I was like "Must Get That Lipstick!" hehe xx