Thursday, 14 February 2013

REVIEW/SWATCHES - MUA - Undress Me Too - Eye Shadow Palette

Hullo Ladies! 

It's only been two days since I bought the MUA undress Me Too Palette but I've been really busy trying it out and have a few things to say about it, so although I usually wait around two weeks before reviewing a product, I'm going to review it for you now. 

The palette contains 12 shadows, some are shimmers and some are matte. All of them are neutral colours and easy to wear. 

A great plus with this palette is that MUA have finally started naming the shadows.  Maybe not as fun as some other brands but interesting none the less. 

Top Row L-R - Naked, Devotion and Shy
Bottom Row - Fiery, Lavish and Dreamy.

Top Row L-R - Tranquil, Exposed and Reveal
Bottom Row - Wink, Obsessed and Corrupt. 

My favourite shadows from this palette are :- Shy, Lavish, Exposed, Reveal, Wink and Obsessed. 

So we have all heard that this is supposed to be a close dupe to the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, as I don't own that palette I can't tell you if it is or not. Although as I have a few Urban Decay Palette's in my collection I own some of the shades from Naked 2 anyway. Here are some swatches of Blackout and Half Baked next to the MUA shades that are supposed to be dupes for them 

Left - Urban Decay Blackout 
Right -  MUA Corrupt. 

As you can see this really isn't a great dupe. In fact 'Corrupt' in my eyes,  is probably the worst eyeshadow MUA have ever released. It's a black matte colour but had hardly any pigmentation to it at all. Where as Blackout from Urban Decay is amazingly pigmented. This isn't just a problem for drugstore brands though, good matte shadows seem to be difficult to make for anyone. 

I once had a MAC palette that had one shadow that had even less colour pay off than this! 

Left - Urban Decay Half Baked
Right - MUA Devotion

Devotion is where MUA really show off their skills, its a gorgeous high shimmer gold, it's not the exact same colour as Half Baked but the finish and smoothness is the same, with an eye shadow primer it lasts just as long. This is one colour I know I'll be using a lot in the summer, it's gorgeous! 

Another important fact to point out is that I find that I can wear all of these shadows comfortably, unlike Urban Decay, none of them are stuffed so full of chunky glitter that I'm scared to wear them. 

The only thing I suggest is to make sure you use a good primer, this will make sure the colour stays true and lasts longer. I find with MUA that without a primer the shadow's can vanish within a few hours where as with a good primer they can last all night. 

All in all, I think MUA have made another great palette, with gorgeous shadows. 

I'm still going to be wearing some Urban Decay shadows but I'll also be using MUA along with them :-)

Undress Me Too isn't a perfect palette but for the exceptional price It's well worth the purchase. 

Are you going to be buying this one or are you fed up with all the neutral palettes that are so popular at the moment? 

You can buy this palette for £4 Here 

Linzi xxx

EDIT: Looking at some online swatches other people seem to have no problem with the eye shadow Corrupt. I'm wondering if maybe it was just my palette? If anyone has tried the shadow and has found the same problem, I'd be really grateful if you could tell me in the comments! Thanks! x


  1. They all look nicely pigmented...well except the Corrupt color! The colors look pretty nice..they look pretty similar to the colors in the first Naked palette actually....

    Great Review!!

    1. They are gorgeous colours, when I looked at the colours for naked 2 when It came out it reminded me too much of the original naked, that's why I didn't get it hehe thanks hun! xx