Saturday, 2 February 2013

Updated Perfume Collection Part 2 - My Top 5

Hey Ladies!

I'm going to talk about my Top 5 fragrances as of February 2013.

The mirror they are standing on is a candle holder that I bought the other day in home bargains and I also have heart LED lights wrapped around them, they look beautiful all lit up but sadly I couldn't get a good picture of them except in day light. 

1)      Armani Code Femme
Group - Floral
Launched - 2006

Top – Bitter Orange, Italian Orange, 
Middle – Ginger and Orange Blossom , Jasmine
Base – Sandalwood, Vanilla and Honey

I smelt this in the January sales last year and new I had to buy it. It smelt wonderful to me. Sexy and mysterious but comforting and grownup too. I bought two bottle in the sales and I'm just about finished with my first.  The notes I pick up on most are Orange, Jasmine, Honey and Sandalwood  I love them all together so much that I look for them in other perfumes now to see if they would be for me.

It's my signature scent. I'm hoping to be wearing it for many years yet! 

2)      Roberto Cavalli – Roberto Cavalli EDP
Group -Oriental Floral
Launched 2012
Top – Pink Pepper
Middle -  African Orange Flower
Base – Benzoin, Vanilla and Tonka Bean

I smelt this when it first came out and fell in love, it's seductively sweet and mysteriously sexy. I can recognize it anywhere. I waited a whole year before I bought it though because I didn't want to pay full price when I knew at some point it would be half off. So I put it on my "January Sales" list. As soon as Christmas Eve came I bought it. 

I love wearing it but like to keep it for special occasions so that I don't use it up too quickly. 

3)      Vera Wang Princess Night EDT
Group - Floral Fruity
Launched 2012 
Top – Watermelon, raspberry, red berries
Middle – Rose, African Orange Flower and Jasmine
Top – Woodsy Notes, Musk, Vanilla and Sugar 

I bought this as a blind buy as it was such a good offer a few months ago. I managed to pick up a 50ml bottle from TK Maxx for £24.99 after seeing it in Boot's on the same day for £45. I'd always wanted a Vera Wang "Princess" perfume as so many people talk about it. Also I had seen the ad for this when it for came out and loved the look of it. I was really lucky because as soon as I opened the box I knew I loved it. It's a fruity scent that's just a step away from being too sickly for me but steps it up about ten minutes in by becoming a gorgeous vanilla and woods fragrance. I'm in love with it and have used up nearly half just this winter alone!  
I prefer this to the original "Princess"

4)      Diesel Loverdose EDP
Group – Oriental Vanilla
Launched 2011
Top – Manderin Orange, Star Anise
Middle – Jasmine, Gardenia and Liquorice
Base – Amber Vanilla and Woodsy Notes

Even though I don't like eating liquorice I apparently like smelling of it! 
 I think this is my most recent perfume purchase. I wasn't planning on getting it but when out sales shopping last month I came across it for £19.99. It's a very unusual scent, I haven't smelt anything like it before. It starts of extremely strong but settles nicely onto the skin creating a lovely liquorice and vanilla fragrance.

5)      Oh Lola – Marc Jacobs
Group - Floral Fruity
Launched - 2011
Top -Wild strawberry, raspberry and pear
Middle - Cyclamen, Peony,  magnolia
Base - Vanilla, Tonka Bean and Sandalwood

After trying the original Lola ages ago and hating it I always though Oh Lola would be the same. I was wrong! I absolutely adore this fragrance and its screams Spring to me for some reason so I'm hoping to wear it more in the next coming months. Which is strange as I don't usually choose what I'm wearing by what time of the year it is. I also read a review where a lady described it as smelling like "amazing hair products" and I have to agree. It smells like your hair when you step out of a salon. That may not sound very appealing but somehow to me it is :-) 

So that's the end of my Updated perfume part 1 here

I would love it if you could give me some suggestion on any perfumes to try out next that you think I'd like :-) 

Hope you are all having a great Weekend!

Linzi xxx


  1. I love your perfume collection, sis. I really want to buy Vera Wang Princess Night but hardly to find in my area except peninsular Malaysia. I'm prefer buy at counter(full size) than online shop.

    1. Thanks hun! I love it :-) Hope you can find it somewhere soon, I know what you mean I'm always weary about buying online! xx