Sunday, 17 February 2013

REVIEW - MAC Fluidline - Waveline

Hullo Ladies, 

I'm not really one to wear blue eye products, they just remind me too much of the eighties, even though I wasn't even around!

 Another reason for not wearing blue on my eye's is because whilst doing my Art GCSE's I used to sit next to a girl who always wore blue eye shadow and she really didn't know what she was doing with it. Kind of put me off for life....poor girl! 

So I don't really know what the hell I was thinking when one day whilst browsing the Debenhams website I decided to buy a blue gel liner. After nearly a year of owning it I'm finally glad I did. 

I own one other MAC fluidline called Rich Ground and I love it, when I first tried this one out though I was very disappointed. Once out of the pot it wasn't as pigmented and seemed to go on patchy. 

In the pot it looks gorgeous! Dark and purple toned. 

It look's quite different when swatched though. 

So for a long time I put it away and forgot about it, until recently when I decided to try it out again. 

I don't know whats happened, it's still quite patchy but not as much as I remember. I also really love what it looks like on my eyes. Shocking!! 

It somehow really makes the colour of my eyes pop. 

So I'm not saying I've had a dramatic turn-around and I'm off to buy as many blue eye products that I can get my hands on but I'm definitely open to trying out a few more colours in the future that I might have thought wouldn't work for me :-) 

Which is always a good thing! 

So I apply two coats to the eye to make sure it's not too sheer or patchy, another thing you could do to make it even more opaque is to go over it with a blue eye shaodow. I don't feel the need to though, I like how it looks on its own :-) 

On me, with a good primer, it wears a good 4-5 hours without fading. 

Have you tried any of the MAC Fluidlines? Which ones do you love? I really want to try Blacktrack!

Linzi xxx 


  1. I have MAC's Fluidline in Blacktrack and I love it - waveline looks like a gorgeous colour! :)

    Stop by and check out my blog giveaway! :)

    1. Ohh I'm going to have to check it out then hun :-)

      I've already entered it hun ;-) So lovely of you to do! xxx