Wednesday, 20 February 2013

REVIEW - Dainty Doll Blusher - Money Talks

Hullo Ladies!

I hauled some Dainty Doll products a few days ago and I've been trying them out for you so I can write up some new reviews :-) 

Dainty Doll Is a brand that was created by Nicola other words the pale one from Girls Aloud!

I grew up watching these girls become the band they are today and in the beginning I always thought Nicola was the prettiest, I loved her hair and how pale she was...then something horrific happened. Someone important didn't agree with having such a pale girl in the band and Nicola was told to wear fake tan. 

Images taken from

I think the photos above show just how important it can mean to embrace your natural skin colour. 

I never really understood the reason why so many girls go to, sometimes, extreme measures to change the colour of their skin. 

It doesn't help that make up brands have been neglecting certain skin tones for years, those of us that are very pale and those that are very dark. For some reason they apparently believe we should all just be some colour in between. 

Like many of us, Nicola Robert's disagreed with this idea and brought out a brand of make up that suited her and a whole lot of neglected faces! 

Money Talks is a subtle bronze/taupe colour that gives me a gorgeous glow. 

It's very pigmented so I make sure to be light handed with my brush.

I've never worn a Bronzer that I haven't immediately wiped of my face so I was pleasantly surprised with this product. 

 Blended out swatch  and  heavy handed swatch

One thing I noticed very quickly about this powder was how soft and finely milled it was. It's very high quality and worth the £13.50. Although you can get them much cheaper from some places. I know that Boot's sometimes have the brand on sale. 

I'm having a lot of fun trying out the Dainty Doll products I've bought and will be reviewing the others soon! 

Have you tired this brand before? 

Linzi xx


  1. I agree with you on these companies neglecting certain skin tones!!! I hate when I see a foundation that I really want to try and it doesn't come in my color. But that's cool that she came out with her own line. It blends very wel into your skin :)

    1. Agreed hun, sometimes I just feel like it's worth the extra money for a high end foundation just so I can get colour matched as they have such a better range of shades than drugstore brands.

  2. My local boots don't carry this brand but if next time Tkkmaxx has it I will pick it up :)

    1. Hope you find some in TK Maxx hun, they where such a great deal!

  3. Looove brown blushes! They look best on me. My friend gave me one for my birthday and it's usually not something I pick but she's a make up genius because it's my favorite blush now!

    1. Same here hun, I've never worn something like this until now and I'm really loving it! Such a great surprise when that happens :-)

  4. I'm loving the look of that Bronzer!! X x

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    1. Thanks hun! I entered the giveaway back last week hun, So nice of you to do! xx