Wednesday, 2 May 2012

REVIEW - Boots Natural Collection Body Spray's

Hey ladies, these are the Boots Natural Collection Body Sprays.

I have three of them, Wild Strawberry, Mango and Papaya and Vanilla.

These are great if your stuck for perfume and want a cheaper alternative.

I find them long lasting, around the same longevity as a eau de toilette, 

They are all 150ml each and are £2  on the Boots website, They often have a "3 for2" offer on these which is also a plus :-) 


This is a lovely sweet smell, with maybe a hint of coconut, It reminds me of The Body Shops vanilla Eau de toilette . 

I have had a few good compliments with this fragrance the best one yet was off my brother "Why do you smell like cake?" bahahaha

Wild Strawberry 

This one is probably my least favorite, like the Vanilla it's very sweet but  I'm not that big a fan of  most strawberry scents because I find they smell like child's medicine :-(  

Mango and Papaya 

This is my favorite out of the two, I'm a big fan of mango scents and this doesn't disappointing,  it's a very fresh and fruity smell and great for a hot summers day.  

I really love these and plan to get more, they smell exactly how they are described and are super inexpensive

Some other scents you can get are:

Ice Musk
Passion fruit
Samphire and Sea Minerals
Apple and Lime *I really want this one* 

Have you tried any of the Boots Nautral Collection Body Sprays? Love them or hate them? :-) 

Linzi xx


  1. They never have them in stock in my boots :( but hopefully I'll be able to get the vanilla, mango and maybe the passion fruit :P

    1. In my local store there was only a few but then I went to a bigger Boots store and they had loads :-)