Saturday, 19 May 2012

Recent Buys! :-)

My Nan took me shopping again today *God I love that woman :-)* and this is all the stuff I picked up! I also had a small package delivered this morning which I was very excited about...keep reading to find out what it was! 
The box that all my new products are standing on, I bought today from TKMAXX for £3.99 and it's going to be the storage for my nail polishes! It's so pretty but the pictures are not doing it any justice! 

Sally Hansen's Maximum Growth Nail Treatment :-)  This is supposed to give visible growth in one week! Let's hope hehe

I'm pretty sure this was £4 something but I can't find the receipt sorry!  

From Outlet, I picked this up thinking it was £3 down from £8.50 and then I went to the counter and it was actually only £2. Amazing :-) 

£1.75 at Outlet :-) 

I'm pretty sure that these are my first Rimmel polishes :-0

 I got Hot Shot and Purple Pulse and they where reduced to just £1.04 at Asda Direct. Not all the Rimmel Polishes where on sale I just found these in the little red clearance box that was beside the nail care section. 

"Bourjois Lip Gloss in 46 Rose Lyric"

I picked up this amazing Bourjois Set from TKMAXX which was just £7.99 from a lip gloss, blusher and nail polish! 

"Bourjois Nail Polish  1 Seconde No.15"
Such a pretty glitter pink :-) 
The brush on this is amazing by the way so I will be doing a review soon talking about it :-) 

"Bourjois Blush in Rose De Jaspe"

I've always wanted a bourjois blusher because they have had so many great reviews and so many pretty colours but found the price a bit too steep for a drugstore brand so I'm so happy I found this set! 

"Swatch of the Bourjois lip gloss and Bourjois blush"

"Barry M Blue Moon £2.99" 
Pale pastel blue with a small hint of blue shimmer! 

"China Glaze in For Audrey"
Yes that's right!
 I bought my first China Glaze polish!!! << See the excitement?
I can't wait to try this, having heard so much about China Glaze :-)

This is a tribute to the beautiful Audrey Hepburn. I will be doing a review for you very soon. This is supposed to be a close copy of Tiffiny's famous colour, It's a lovely robin egg blue! 

I bought this from Amazon for £5.95 with free P+P, I think these are going to be my new Splurge products, only to be bought when I want to spoil myself hehe 

Hope you are all having a great weekend so far! 

Thanks, Linzi xx


  1. That's amazing! Can't wait for swatches. For audrey looks so nice but it came be really dear to get china glaze polishes here :(

    You should definitely treat yourself more often ;)

    1. Thanks hun!

      The only place I would be able to get them is online I think because there is no Sally's by me :-( have you tried looking online for them?

      Haha I wish I could! :-D

    2. same here we don't have any stores like that! I think the cheapest I have found so far is €10. dear enough for one polish

    3. Ouch that is expensive! Maybe you have some american blogger friends that you could do a swap with? I think they can get them easier and cheaper over there!

  2. Nice little haul! The Sally Hansen one does work growth wise but I did find that my nails were quite bendy so I got the OPI original nail envy to help with this! I love love LOVE Hot Shot by Rimmel too! It looks lovely with a glitter coat on it. Look forward to your review on the Bourjois polish, looks lovely!

    1. Thats good to know! Thanks :-) I've tried the Original Nail Envy and I didn't find it helped all too much but that was before I really got its nail polish and nail care. I might try it again at some point soon :-)

  3. I loooove for audrey! sweet haul!

    1. I love it too already! It's such a pretty colour :-) Thanks!

  4. I just bought the For Audrey last week :) It really is a beautiful color. Nice Haul!!

    1. I have it on now! I can't stop looking at my nails...It's such a beautiful colour :-)

  5. OMG, I love those blue colors, gorgeous!