Saturday, 26 May 2012

A Man and His Torch ;-) + NOTD

So I went to my Aunt's house today with the whole family to watch the Olympic Torch go by! 

There he is..took bloody ages to get here....running?? More like slow walking :-) hehehe

It's been a great day in the boiling heat! 

"Barry M Coral and Barry M Cyan Blue" 

This is what I'm wearing on my nails today, it wasn't for the torch or anything because I didn't now I was going to see it but I wanted something for this lovely summer heat we have been having lately and I think this fits the bill! :-)

My camera went bonkers trying to photograph Coral, this is the only picture in the lot that I took where it didn't look all that red!


  1. oh lovely=] I like that color combo, i would still like it if it were red instead of coral.

    that's neat you got to watch him go by!

    1. Thanks..I like it too :-)

      I wasn't going to go but then my dad was all like "your never going to see it again" so I went :-) I got a free flag at least hehe

  2. I really like these two colours together and you can't beat barry m polish :)