Tuesday, 8 May 2012

REVIEW- The Body Shop - Home Fragrance Oils

Hullo Ladies!

I'm doing a review today that's quite different from the usual and its about The Body Shop Home Fragrance Oils.

I bought these a few months back because I wanted my bedroom to smell amazing :-) 

Not that it smelt bad or anything but I love all things girly and gorgeous so I just had to try these out!

These fragrance oils cost £3.50 each on the website but are often on sale.

You get 10ml which I find is enough as you only need a few drops ata time. 

I bought a big bag of tea lights from Amazon at a great price.

You can buy the Oil Burners from The Body Shop if you want too but I have a feeling you can buy them from some where else a lot cheaper, mine was a gift so sadly I can't tell you how much it was. 

I bought:
Pomegranate and Raspberry - I wouldn't buy again as its not my favourite type of scent.
Vanilla and Tonka Bean - Very Comforting smell, be careful on how much you use because I find that too much can give me a headache.
Satsuma - I love this one, I own or have tried most of the Satsuma line from The Body Shop it's my favourite.

I don't have much of the Satsuma left because its the one that I use the most, so I need to get a back up.

 I also want to try their Green Tea and Lemon home fragrance oil and their Mandarin and Tangelo home fragrance oil. 

I find these a great cheaper alternative than Scented candles, It only takes seconds for me to really notice the smell once the tea candle has been lit. 

Another thing I love the look of from The Body Shop is their Body, Room and Linen Fragrances, I like the idea of spraying my pillow with a nice, calming scent before I drift of to sleep :-) 

Do you use Home Fragrance Oils?

Hope you all had a lovely day! 

Thanks, Linzi xx


  1. Great post and a lovely blog! I remember I used to have an oil burner at one point and I used to just use perfume XD Love the sound(or is it the smell) of the vanilla one, definitely a favorite smell of mine!


    1. Awhh Thank you so much! :-) wow I didn't know you can do that! I might try it someday :-) Vanilla smells are a favourite of mine too...well anything sweet smelling is really :-) x