Sunday, 13 May 2012

REVIEW - Barry M - Matt White

Hullo Lovely Ladies,

I bought this white polish earlier in the week and have been playing around with it a lot since. 

It has great pigmentation for a white nail polish, you could get full coverage with two thick layers or three thin layers. I like to use thin layers as I find they dry quicker, giving me less chance to smudge my nails :-) 

Then just for the fun of it, I tried it with a matte top coat and I loved the effect. If I was to paint my nails white again I would no doubt use a matte top coat. I think it just makes it even more interesting. 

Then I tried it with some nail art. 

Using my BM19 plate I dotted the Matt White over Barry M's Raspberry. 

I really like this, It looks so cute! 

Then I used the same plate and Barry M's Berry Ice Cream, this didn't come out as well but I still like how subtle and pretty the two colours look together. I'm beginning to think Berry Ice Cream will look good with anything! 

Then just for fun I quickly applied my Nails Ince Black Crackle on top of the Matt White base. I can get bored very easily with crackle probably because not long ago you saw it everywhere but I really like this look and may keep it for a night out some time :-) 

Overall I really like this polish because of the amount of things you can use with it.  

Although I'm new to the whole nail art thing and haven't tried any other white polish yet I really like this one and will probably buy it again once I run out. 

 If your into french manicures this would be a great white tip and if you just like unusual polish on your nails then this is a winner.

Hope you have all had a great weekend! 

Thanks, Linzi xx


  1. The only white polish I have is Sally Hansen French Tip White that I got in a pack with that and a nude color and a top coat. It works alright, I've heard whites are usually kind of streaky so I just don't bother buying others...but that's great that you found one that works well! cute stamping =]

    1. I just don't think of buying a white but I'm glad I did :-) Awhh thank you!

  2. Thanks so much for reviewing this. White is such a hard polish to get right but finding the perfect one would really make nail art so much easier :P

    1. Well I really like it :-) Of only we could try out nail polish before we bought them! If you do get it I hope you find it as great as me!

  3. they all look fab!

    1. Awhh Thanks hun! Still trying to get used to the stamping :-)