Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Review - Gingerbread Latte - N-SPA Bath Syrup

Hullo wonderful people!

I'm going to talk about N-SPA's Gingerbread Latte Bath Syrup today, I've been using this since the beginning of the year. I picked it up because at the time I was addicted to Starbucks' overpriced Gingerbread Latte's and this smells just the same! Yay! 

My first bottle, I got on offer in the post-christmas sales in a small set, this was my favourite out of the four mini bottles. It has impressing lasting power, lingering on your skin for some time after your bath/shower.  

It's a sweet, spicy scent that's luxurious and creamy. It goes into your bath like syrup and gives you bubbles galore! 

I bought my bottle from ASDA.

 I'm pretty sure that its £4 for a full 500ml bottle but I bought this one on offer for just £2. 

Its a great treat for your senses, if you want something sweet and has a bit of bite then this is what I would recommend :-) 

Some of the other scents you can choose from in this collection are "Chocolate Waffle" "Angel Cake" "Hot Butter Fudge" "Chocolate Orange" and "Cranberry Chocolate" 

How are we supposed to choose with such amazing scents???

And remember kids...."DO NOT EAT, THIS IS NOT A FOOD PRODUCT" :-P

Have you tried any of these? Whats your favourite? 

Thanks, Linzi xx


  1. Might have to try this out, it sounds bloody gorgeous!

    1. It is! :-) If your like me and love spicy sweetness then you will love it!