Thursday, 31 May 2012

New Haul! Includes (Nails Inc, N-SPA and Bourjois)

Hullo Beautiful People :-)

I have a haul for you today! 

"Piccadilly Arcade, Baker Street, Mayfair Mews, Royal Mews, Belgrave Mews, Wilton Row, Cadogan Place"

In the last week QVC have been doing some great Nails Inc Collections and this is Ahead of the Trend a seven piece collection featuring the very popular Baker street! 

This set was £25.74, If you went into a Nails Inc Salon and asked for seven nail polishes you would be paying at least £77! 

"Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover" in the end, I jumped on the band wagon!

It was the last one in the shop and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about! I have tried it a few times these last few days and I really like it, It leaves your fingers smelling lovely! Is it worth£4.99...I don't know yet, I'll get back to you on that one! :-) 

"N-SPA's Ruby Orange and Mango Butter Shower Sorbet" 

In ASDA this week I picked up a few bath and body products and this is one of them, they're on offer for a £1 right now which Is amazing because I've used them before and they're really great and moisturizing. 

"Alberto Balsam Coconut and Lychee Shampoo and Conditioner"

So I have been loving the Alberto Balsam Shampoo and Conditioners lately, they smell so good and they don't irritate my scalp too much :-) 
I bought these for £1 each from ASDA

This is the last thing I picked up in ASDA and was just £1.50 

It smell's delicious. a very sweet, creamy coconut scent! 

It's not like The Body Shop's Coconut Shower cream which is a very true coconut scent but if you just want something cheap and sweet then this is great! 

Hope you enjoyed my haul! Can't wait to write some reviews! 

Hope you have all had a good day!

Thanks, Linzi xx


  1. I use the same shampoo but mine is in raspberry :P I have have an apple one as a back up too :D

    Love the nail polishes (obviously haha)can't wait for some reviews :)

    1. I've used the apple one too! The Satsuma one is my fave :-)

      I can't wait to try them all XD I have Wilton Row on now and its beautiful!

  2. Wow those Nails Inc are gorgeous! Such a bargain... Heading over to QVC now! ;) thanks for sharing! xxx

    1. No problem hun!

      I don't understand how more people don't buy from there! I find such great deals!

      Leighton Denny and OPI have some great collection on there too :-) xx

  3. I think I'm going to be having a look at QVC :) that's an amazing deal. I love those colours.

    1. It's really worth it hun! I'd love to know if you get anything! :-)