Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My Favourite Red Polish for the Summer :-)

To me red is such a sexy nail polish to wear, I don't wear it as often as I should! :-) 

My favourite red polish for the summer months is Nails Inc's Bennet Street which is a rich tomato red. 

I usually can't wear tomato reds, whether it's lipstick or nail polish, because I have such pink toned skin it just doesn't look good but I find this really compliments my skin tone :-) 

I received this is a QVC set for my 19th Birthday last year, I only really get Nails Inc from QVC unless they're free in a magazine. 

It's quite a sheer colour and needs about three coats. 

I find Nails Inc polishes have a real glossiness to them, I didn't use top coats in any of these photos and you can really see the great shine to them :-)  

Do you have a favourite summer red? What is it? 

Linzi xxx 


  1. The Colour Looks Really Nice!!!! x

  2. that is so glossy! I think it looks great on you!
    My favourite red is Miss sporty Red tango. It's just beautiful and application is so smooth.

    1. It really is very glossy! :-) Ohh I havn't tried that one! I don't think I own any Miss Sporty..will have to take a look soon!

  3. whats the price range of nails inc?

    1. If your buying from there website or salon then they're usually £11 - £13 but I buy them from QVC where you get say 7 polishes for the price of 3 :-)

  4. Beautiful, this is such a lovely shade and suits you perfectly!

  5. Mine's Deborah Lippman Footloose or Revlon Fearless

    This looks awesome! I don't have any nails inc.

    Red's the best!