Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Eau My Giddy God : Roberto Cavalli - Just Cavalli EDT

Hullo Lovely Ladies!

I seem to have a thing for Roberto Cavalli fragrances, each one I've tried I've loved.

Just Cavalli was released February this year (2013).

It's categorized on Fragrantica as a Floral fragrance, but don't be put off as it's a lot more interesting than that. 

My mother bought me this perfume a few months back and it first even though I liked it, It wasn't something I loved. Then after wearing it a few times it really grew on me and now it's a favourite. 

It's a sexy, mature scent.

One of the interesting things about this perfume is that it only contains three notes.


Tahitian Tiare Flower

Palisander Rosewood

Another interesting thing is that although it's an EDT, the lasting power is amazing. I used it for my Mothers Birthday dinner and I can still smell it on the coat I wore that night.

So that's Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli fragrance, it's definitely worth a try if your a fan of scents like, the original Roberto Cavalli, Alien or Armani Code. 

Have you tried this fragrance? 

What's your favourite perfume at this moment?

Linzi xxx


  1. Aww the bottle looks really cute ^^ My fav is Hugo Boss Femme.

    恵美より ♥

    1. It's a gorgeous little bottle :-) I haven't tried that one! I'll have to see if I can find it somewhere and have a try :-) Thanks for the comment hun xx

  2. awh, I have an addiction to all perfumes - it's bad for my very empty purse! ahaha!

    I have a little blog giveaway over on my blog, you can check it out here:


    Grace X

    1. Haha same here hun! Ohh I'll make sure to check it out :-) thanks for the comment! xx

  3. Love this fragrance...very seductive!