Thursday, 29 August 2013

Things I'd Tell My Teen Self : TAG

Hi Linz....'re how old now? 14? 15? have a few tough years ahead of you, so I thought I'd give you a heads up and some info that may help you out. 

FAMILY:   Make sure you spend as much time with Mam as you can. Keep talking to her, she's your best friend. Always has been. Don't forget that she'll never judge you. You'll miss her soon, even though she's still there.  Don't question her about the memory loss too much, you're just hurting her. I know you're hearts breaking, mine is too. 

BOYS: You know that guy...the one with the spiky blonde hair, green eyes...always wears those bloody studded leather cut off gloves. Well...he's an arsehole to be honest. Yeah. Yeah. You can tell me how great you think he is till the cows come home but hes still a man whore. You deserve better than him. He'll make you cry but don't worry about it for too long. A few years down the line you start to hear things about him that'll make your toes curl and not in a good way. You'll giggle with your friends about him, taking turns on guessing how small his tightie whities are...things like that ;-) 

FRIENDS: That girl who you  hang around with and think is your best friend? She really isn't if she makes
you feel bad, she doesn't care about you. The quicker you get rid of her, the better you'll feel. Don't worry, you'll meet a few people soon that'll make you realise what a real friend is like. 

LIFE: Laugh more. Cry less. Be strong. Love your body. Take more chances. Remember it's okay to make mistakes.

I know theres some things that you'd tell me that I could benefit from and don't worry I'm definitely going to have a long think about them. 

Enjoy those Summer holidays while you can :-) 

Linzi xxx


  1. Dear Teenage Linzi,
    Remember that girl you spent summer nights giggling away with in the emo tree? She's gonna be in your life forever.
    Love from Present Emma x

    1. Dear Present Emma,

      The memories are what keep me *some what* sane :-) I hope to god you are, what would I do without you?

      Love Past and Present Linzi xxx