Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Recent Haul :-)

Hullo Lovely Blog Readers :-) 

I've managed to do a little light shopping recently and I thought I'd show you what I've bought !

I couldn't find any Soap and Glory left in the sales but I found this body spray set and thought it was a good deal anyway!

I have already owned Mist You Madly and really liked it and I've been wanting to try the other body spray scents I've heard about. 

The set contains 100ml bottles of :

Mist You Madly


Glam - A - Lot

This set was £8.50 from Boots. 

Just before Christmas when out shopping my my Nan I found these gorgeous black patent pointed toe heels in New Look with gunmetal studs on the back. I was in love but I had already asked for what I wanted for Christmas so even though they were on sale I left the store without them. 

When I went shopping last weekend I persuaded my brother to let me have a look at the New Look sale and they still had some there! Not only that but they had been reduced again! Obviously it was fate telling me that I needed to get them :-P 

Was £19.99 - Down To £10 - Reduced Again To £5!!!! Eeeek!

Today while in ASDA I picked up the Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Shampoo and Conditioner

. They smell really nice. 

I also picked up some hair bands (Bobbles!) as I ALWAYS end up losing all of them, so I'm in a constant need for more!

Then I noticed that the Glade Festive Candles were £2 each so I picked up the Orange and Spice.

So that's my latest haul!

Small I know but hey its January....funds are always low! :-) 

Have you tried the Soap and Glory Body Sprays? Which is your favourite?

Linzi xxx


  1. Those shoes look beautiful!! Might have to go have a look for those!

    1. You really should hun! They had some lovely shoes on offer :-) Wish I had picked up some others now hehe