Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Wednesday Wishlist

I own Princess Night and I've been loving it lately. 

I've never bought the original Princess though so I'm dying to pick it up, I'm thinking of using my boots points for it :-) 

I watched The Hobbit the other day and I loved it so much! 

It made me want to re-watch the LOTR movies all over again. We used to own them all but I think they've been chucked out somehow, can't find them :-( 

I've been waiting for JR Ward to write this novel for years, It's not out till the end of March but I've been re-reading the whole series to get back into the whole 'Blackdagger Brotherhood' world. 

Everyone seems to be talking about the new Urban Decay Palettes and I can see why, the Glinda palette is lovely but I think I prefer this one   :-) 

I'm in love with my Original Naked palette and I love that they have brought out this new Matte based palette! 

I've seen lots of lovely tutorials and FOTD's for this palette lately and it just makes me crave it more and more :-)

I always like to read about other peoples favourite perfumes and this one is mentioned alot, I haven't actually smelt it yet though so that really my wish ;-) To actually smell this talked about fragrance!

So there you go! 

What have you been wishing for lately? 

Linzi, xxx


  1. Nice list!! I'm curous as to how many Naked variations Urban Decay can release :)

    I love Lord of the Rings but have yet to watch The Hobbit...

    1. Hah! I myself wouldn't mind if they brought even more out, I love neutral eye colours, I just can't pull off bright colours!

      I just look like a clown when I try hehe xx