Friday, 25 January 2013

First Ever Wall Sticker

Hey Lovely Ladies!

So before Christmas I re-decorated my whole bedroom, It felt like it took forever but it was only a week. You see I used to have wall paper on my walls but it just wasn't me anymore and I wanted a nice change. So I decided to take the paper down and give my room a nice fresh lick of paint. 

I choose blue and pink, nice bright colours to look at when I wake up on a Monday and stop myself from hating life :-P

One of the reasons I decided to take the paper off my walls was so that I could use wall stickers. 

So I paid all this money to re-do my room but then couldn't afford the bloody stickers! 

I decided to wait until I could find a good enough deal before I spent all the money that I did have. I found a great one a week ago while looking on Ebay! 

I found this ebay seller and I ended up bidding on this wall sticker and won it!! 

I paid £3.89 and that's including shipping :-O

It was a great size too. I would say around a medium size. 

Make sure you check the measurement details before you purchase!  

I have to admit, I did it all on my own so it was a bit fussy and I did start swearing half way through but it was worth it! 

I know it looks wonky in the picture but I swear it's not! I just had to take the picture from the side so that the flash on my camera didn't blind the words! 

I've found loads on Amazon that I want but the larger ones can be a bit expensive for me!

If you do buy one, make sure you have a look at some tutorials on youtube before you put it on :-) 

Do you have any wall stickers? 

Linzi xxx


  1. That is cute!! I never considered wall stickers on my room but I might just have to browse Ebay and see what I can find!!

    1. You can get some real beautiful ones hun, great for making a plain wall interesting :-) I'f you do find one make sure to tell me about it! xx