Sunday, 30 December 2012

Boxing Day Sales Haul!

 I tell A lie!

 I didn't actually buy any of these...on boxing day! As you may have noticed the boxing day sales have started earlier these last few years and have also lasted longer! was Christmas eve....and we had already visited all the family and given them their presents for the morning dad was in the kitchen cooking our gorgeous tea and me and my mam had settled down to watch the soaps (mainly Eastenders!) all of a sudden I thought to myself. I wonder if any stores are starting their online sales? 

It turned out they had! 

The Perfume Shop had at least! 

I've been wanting this perfume ever since it came out! 

It's the type of perfume you either love or hate. I definitely LOVE it! 

Original Price - £48.00

Sale Price - £23.99

The 50ml set is out of stock but they still have the 75ml set on sale which is also half price!

So the day after boxing day I managed to finally persuade my brother to drive me to the next town over so I could have a look at some of the local sales that where going on e.g Boot's and Superdrug :-) 

First we went to Boot's and I was kind of disappointed  I had looked on the boots website the night before and found lots of great perfume deals but the store's stock was pitiful! So we walked right on over to Superdrug and they had some better deals!

 They had the Justin Bieber set on sale, Lacoste Touch Of Pink and some others but one that drew my attention was the Diesel Loverdose. 

Not long ago I used to hate this perfume, basically because I was only smelling it on those little paper strips but once I tried it on my skin I loved it! 

This 30ml EDP set was down to £19.99 

The next thing I bought was actually not on sale but I just had to have it :-) 

Mrs Browns Boys Series 2 

My brother owns the first series and my mam owns the Live Tour so I decided to pick this up! 

It's the funniest series on TV right now and you NEED to watch it! 

Even my dad loves it and hes very picky when it comes to comedy :-) 

So that's my Sale Haul! 

Have you found any good deals recently? 

Linzi xxx


  1. Some great bargins there! The loverdose perfume smells lovely my friend has it. I most try mrs browns boys cos so many people have reccomended it.

    Heres my christmas sales post :) Xx

    1. You Should! It's a great comedy series :- Thanks hun. I'll have a look! xx

  2. Looove that perfume!! :D Love the blog - Followed! :)

    1. Awhh thanks hun! I've followed back :-) xx

  3. oh Diesel loverdose is so yummy. I am curious what you think of the new cavalli when you try it ;)

    1. I agree hun, it's very yummy! Ohh I can't wait to try it and see if it's anything like the one I bought :-)