Saturday, 24 November 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas - For Him -£20 or Under

So Christmas can be a stressful time, that's why I try to do most of my shopping in November so that I can relax and enjoy the amazing month that December can be :-) 

I find the males in my family the hardest to buy for so the last few weeks I've been taking my time trying to decide what to get my brother and father. 

Here are a few of my ideas! 

The Godfather DVD Box Set 

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£9 with free P&P  

I think it must be programmed into men to love The Godfather films. I've never actually watched one...Opps! 

An Idiot Abroad By Karl Pilkington

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 £5.12 with free P&P  

The Further Adventures Of An Idiot Abroad By Karl Pilkington

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 £8.54 with free P&P  

I'm a big fan of reading, dyslexia runs in my family and getting my dad and brother to read a novel has been real tough. The last few years my brother has come so far with his reading and I'm extremely proud of him. In all my twenty years though I have never seen my dad read a book but I'm still optimistic and maybe something as crazy funny as the Karl Pilkington books will give him the nudge he needs :-) 

Next Cufflinks

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I find nothing smarter than a man wearing a good shirt and a pair of cufflinks  For the price these are lovely and next have a large range of different cufflinks  Ranging from Looney Toones to Coca Cola Caps. You can also buy a lovely Leather cuff links box to keep them in. 

Topman Fragrance Gift Set

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I didn't know Boots sold Topman goodies but it was a lovely surprise when I saw this set last week whilst shopping. I think the hat is so cute and I'm really interested on what the fragrance would smell like! 

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Season One DVD

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£5.99 with free P&P

For as long as I can remember great shows like Red Dwarf, The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air and Blackadder have been a constant presence in my life. I still know all the lyrics to The Fresh Prince but my family have never owned any of the actual DVD's so to be able to have it at hand would be great as I don't see them on repeat that often anymore. Not as much as it used to be anyway.  I know for a fact my brother would love to have this in his DVD collection! 

Well I hope this helps someone who's finding it hard to choose a gift! 

Hope you have all had a great Saturday :-) 

Linzi xxx


  1. Nice ideas. I bought hubby the Godfather set years ago and he's never watched it. Collection dust!!!!

    I find men a pain to buy for! Be it the husband or my friends!

    1. They really are a pain hehe thanks for the comment hun! xxx

  2. Cool ideas. I found some other gift ideas for him here (including a cool bracelet) -