Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Dear Santa.....I can Explain!

Dear Santa, 

I've been a good girl this year.... It was only that one small incident....I swear ;-)  

 So I was hoping if you could bring me some of these goodies this Christmas..

So firstly, something I've been wanting for a long time now is this Roberto Cavalli Perfume. It's definitely a statement perfume.

Image taken from Google.com

This may sound like a strange one but for years I've wanted to own a Snowglobe. Something pretty and well made that can come down from the attic every year and be put out for show in the festive season. I've been loving the look of the ones from TK Maxx and Marks and Spencers :-) 

Taken From the Marks and Spencer Website

One thing I have never owned is a Christmas jumper, I have really wanted one for awhile now, I recently saw this in new look and was blown away with my desire to buy it but as I was shopping for family I managed to stop myself....

Image Taken from newlook.com

The next thing I want is something for my skin, I seem to be going through puberty again or something, the amount of blemishes I've gotten over the last few months is ridiculous  I don't think I had this many all the way through my teen years. I've heard a lot of good things about the Anti Blemish range from Clinique so It would be great if I could get something from them to sort it all out! 

Image taken from Clinique.co.uk

So that's my Christmas wish list Santa, hope Mrs Claus is well!

Lots of Love,
Linzi xxx


  1. I love snowglobes too!
    I had one which played music, but I broke it.
    I wish Santa brings you everything you want!

    1. Awhhh thank you hun! Hope he brings some lovely goodies to you too! xxx

  2. Feel your pain on the puberty skin! Must stick this on my list too x

    1. I went all the way through my teens with good skin, hit 20 and its all gone to crap haha hope you get what you ask for hun! xxx

  3. I saw the Christmas jumper in new look . Their so cute :)

    1. I want it so much hehe there was a few cute ones there hun! Must make sure I ask really sweetly for this one :-) xxx