Thursday, 15 November 2012

REVIEW - Too Faced - Shadow Insurance Policy Palette

Hullo Lovely Ladies!

I made my first Too Faced purchase in TK Maxx not long ago and I've been using them a lot since so I thought I'd do a review for you all :-) 

The Palette I bought was the Shadow Insurance Policy which came with a full size primer which I will be reviewing separately. 

I would say that the shadows are comparable to some of my favourite eye shadow brands e.g Urban Decay and MUA. 

They are extremely smooth, pigmented, easy to blend and long lasting even without a primer. 

I made sure to take this with flash to show you how the shadows in this palette all have some form of shimmer/glitter.

So if your a fan of more matte shadows then this may not be the palette for you. 

The Shadows in this palette are :-

Full Frontal - A chocolate brown.
Glamazon - A taupe with fine glitter.
Socialite - A burnt orange bronze.
Boy Toy - A light pink.
Skinny Dip - A nice royal blue.
Lucky Charm - Beautiful Green.

My favourites are Full Frontal, Socialite and Boy Toy. 

I'd love to wear Glamazon more often but with the glitter its more of a night out shadow to wear, the last time I wore it in the day I was really self conscious about the glitter that seemed to be showing up all over my face, even with a primer! 

Skinny Dip and Lucky Charms are probably the hardest for me to wear but I have tried them as subtle liners and I think they would be stunning to use for next summer. 

I'm really glad I managed to pick this up, especially for the price I bought it! 

I wouldn't hesitate picking up something else from Too Faced if I was lucky enough to find it :-) 

I hope TK Maxx will bring in some more products soon! 

 I'm going Christmas shopping tomorrow, trying to get it all done quickly so I'm not stressing the week before like last year! 

Have a great Weekend :-) 



  1. The colors look awesome in this palette. Ive become quite boring in my shadow choices lately sticking to neutrals:)

    Sara xx

    1. I'm the same hun, it's easy to get into a rut! Glad you like the palette :-) xx

  2. OMG the color suits your eye color very well! Super pretty!

  3. Yay Too Faced! I love Too Faced, and I love the look of this palette! Will have to sniff it out ;) hehe

    1. Hehe It's a good one hun, hope you find it somewhere :-) xx

  4. Wow, those colors are so pretty! I might have to pick up a tarte palette!

    1. I agree hun :-) Thanks for the comments! xx

  5. Full frontal is a gorgeous shade,it's my favourite from this palette I wear it quite a lot ;)