Sunday, 21 October 2012

Eau My Giddy God - Britney Spears - Fantasy

Hullo Ladies!

This was one of the first perfumes I had ever been given. I remember it was coming home from Florida and my mam and dad bought it for me in duty free. I'm pretty sure that at the time it was relatively new. It wasn't long though and it seemed like everyone was wearing it. 

This isn't the bottle they bought me....I had to repurchase it. I loved it that much. 

I bought this big bottle in my second year of college... about three years ago.

I remember one of my tutors threatening to send me and a couple other girls home because we were wearing this perfume. Not because she was allergic or anything. Just the fact she didn't like it. If thats not power going to someones head then I don't know what it. 

Obviously I did the opposite and wore it on a daily basis ;-) I know that may sound mean but if she had said it was because she was sensitive to scents like that then I wouldn't have worn it...but she was very horrible about it so It just made me angry :-P

Anyway...rant over and on to the actual perfume!

The notes in this fragrance are :

Top  - Litchi, quince and kiwi

Middle - Cupcake, orchid, jasmine and white chocolate

Base - Woodsy Notes, Musy and Orris Root

The notes that stand out to me are White Chocolate and Cupcake...thats all I smell to be honest...which is enough :-) 

I don't wear this much anymore...not because I think its too immature but because I have other perfumes I like more. I usually wear it on those days when I'm feeling down or just lazy. It's a nice fragrance to cuddle up to on the sofa watching a movie with the family kind of thing. 

Scents are great for triggering memories and to me personally this smells like going back to school after christmas and noticing that every girl in that classroom must have had a britney perfume for a present! 

It's a very noticeable scent because it's so popular but I wouldn't say it was too overpowering if used correctly. You don't want to be dousing yourself in it. It has great lasting power and silage ..which means that people really notice that you smell good :-) 

I really want to try her other "Fantasy" perfumes at some point...they all sound lush! 

I tried Curious once but hated it.... smelt awful on me! 

Have you tried this perfume?? Do you have fragrances that bring back funny memories?? 

Linzi xx

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