Sunday, 28 October 2012

REVIEW - MAC Lipstick - Hug Me

Hullo Lovely Ladies! 

Some time ago now when I had just started getting into makeup, I was obsessed with neutral lipsticks... "Your Lips But Better" shades. 

I had already gone through two tubes of the gorgeous 17's Beehive but wanted something that lasted a bit longer on my lips. 

Hug Me was the perfect solution. 

I bought it online without seeing it in person and when I first looked at it I thought it may have been too brown toned for me but when swatched on the lips it really is "neutral" and I believe it would look good on all skintones. 

I usually apply it whenever I don't know what else to use. It can look good with most looks but I love it for when I want my makeup to look "fresh/barely there".

It's a lustre so it goes on glossy but is also surprisingly opaque. 

As you can see, i've used it a lot. 

It lasts a good time on your lips, even when the glossy look fades the colour is still left behind. 

I think it's great to add to your collection if you are a fan of nude lipsticks or just want something natural looking :-) 

Hope you all had a great weekend!

I'm off to watch the new season of Misfits before I have time to think about how tomorrow is a Monday :-P

Linzi xxx


  1. Gorgeous shade, really suits you xoxoxo

  2. Very pretty think I will be adding this to my already huge MAC Lipstick wish list:)
    Sara x

    1. Thanks hun :-) Ohhh I have one as well hun don't worry about it hehe xx

  3. Gorgeous, I really like the colour, and it really suits you :)

    Laura xx

    1. I think it is too hun :-) Awhh thanks! It's one of those lipsticks that looks stunning on everyone! xx