Wednesday, 19 February 2014

TAG : What Beauty Product?

Hullo Ladies!

Whilst scrolling through all the blogs I follow on Blogger earlier I found a TAG post written by the amazing Belle- amie and loved reading it. I found the questions to be really interesting and fun so I decided to do the post myself! 

Taken from belle-amie's Blog

1. You’re about to head out for a night out with the girls. What lipstick and lip gloss combo do you put on to make yourself feel gorgeous? 

I would probably go with MAC's Ruby Woo which is a matte lipstick so I wouldn't usually apply a gloss over it but If I do then it's would probably be the Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Feelin' Flirty. 

2. You’re running late for school/ work and need to leave the house in 5 minutes! Which 3 essential makeup products do you apply for a naturally beautiful look? 

First would be the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. Second would be The Body Shop Flavored Lip Gloss in Mango .  Third would be Hot Mama Blusher from The Balm.  

3. You’re packing for a week away on holiday. What “all in one” eye shadow palette do you bring with you? 

Right now it would be my Naked 3 Palette from Urban Decay. I'm obsessed with it!

4. You’re heading to the beach on a Summer’s day and will be wearing your favourite bikini. What nail polish shade do you wear on your fingers and toes to complete the look?

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Greenberry. Such a fun and bright colour.

5. You’re getting ready for a date night to a new restaurant in town. Which perfume do you pick out from your collection to impress him?

Roberto Cavalli For Her EDP - A sexy and delicious scent.

6. You’re spending the weekend away and you only want to pack your beauty basics. What 3 brushes/ tools do you bring to do your makeup? 

 Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - Can be used for not only foundation but blusher, highlighting and even contouring. 

 ELF Professional Blending Brush - I often use it to do my whole eye look, it's so versatile. It's the perfect size. 

Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush - Most of the time I use my Bobbi Brown Gel Liner so I need a good liner brush in my makeup bag, this one is gorgeous to use :-)

7. You've just woken up to crazy bed hair and have no time to wash it. What hair products do you use to tame your unruly locks? 

Firstly I'd take a brush and some hair bands :-) then I'd use the Percy & Reed Finishing Polish as it has a balm like texture that's great for containing fly a ways and simply put my hair up in a bun or a plait :-) 

8. Your friend wants to expand her makeup collection and asks for your help. What high street product and what high end product do you recommend her to try?

I would introduce her to some of my favourite High Street foundations because I think there's some amazing ones out there, like Healthy Mix and Color Stay. For High End I would introduce her to some of the amazing eye shadow palette's like the Urban Decay Naked palette's and the Too Faced palettes. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I had writing it :-) 

I TAG you all to join in! 

Linzi xxx

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