Thursday, 13 February 2014

Perfect Palette TAG!

Hullo Ladies!

I've been meaning to do this TAG for a few months now after watching some of the Youtube Beuaty Guru's do them. It's such a fun, quick TAG to do and I've really enjoyed choosing my answers!

 A small warning, this post contains a lot of Urban Decay!! 

1. Best Packaging

Urban Decay Smoked Palette

I know that a lot of the answer to this question is a palette that's bright, has great graphics or when you open it up a unicorn pops out or whatever but I decided to be boring and say that the best packaged palette in my eyes is the Smoked palette. Why? It's safe. There's no magnet's keeping it shut, it's hard and durable and I feel like if I dropped it, the eye shadow's would stay whole. I also feel like it looks very smart, expensive and kinda sexy ;-) I love it! 

2. Best Color Payoff

Urban Decay Naked Palette

This was the first high end palette I ever bought/owned and I was just amazed at how pigmented and smooth the shadows were. 

3. Most Versatile

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette

This palette contains both bright, dark and neutral shadows which makes it very versatile. 

4. Best for Traveling

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette

This is a great palette for traveling. It's small but manages to contain nine different shadows which gives you a lot of choices when traveling! 

5. Biggest Regret

The Body Shop Silver Black Palette

I bought this in the sale so I wasn't out of money or anything but I was actually pretty disappointed with it. Why? It's messy and the color payoff isn't that great. I find the matte colours hard to blend and the glitter goes everywhere! 

6. Best Color Names

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette

One of the things that attracted me to this palette was the names! Super awesome names such as - Silk Teddy, Velvet Revolver, Cocoa Puff and Honey Pot! 

7. Least Used

Too Faced Insurance Policy Palette

Sadly, my Least Used palette is also a Too Faced palette. I don't really have an explanation for it though. I just never seem to pick it up when I'm doing my makeup. I'll have to try and use it more. It's a cute little palette with some lovely colors!

8. Most Used, Most Loved, Desert Island

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Like I said early Naked was my first high end eye shadow palette and at the time it was probably the most talked about beauty product on Youtube. It took me a long time to finally get the guts to spend £37 on one eye shadow palette but boy was it worth it. I bought this around two years ago and for the first year and a half I used at least one shadow from it everyday. Probably more than one really. I've taken this with me on various holidays and I've never felt that it was missing something and I always managed to create different looks. This is definitely my Most Used, Most Loved and what I'd want with me on a Dessert Island. 

What's your favourite palette? Also what palette have you been lusting after. I've been wanting the Nude Tude Palette from TheBalm :-) 

I TAG you all! 

Linzi xxx


  1. I love all your palettes! Awesome TAG! Will do it soon. Thanks, Linzi. ;)

    1. Thanks hun! Can't wait to read your post! xxx