Sunday, 2 February 2014

REVIEW - Percy & Reed - Finishing Polish

 Hullo Ladies!

I'm reviewing the Percy & Reed Finishing polish today, It's a products I've been using for well over a year now and in love with it. 

I actually got this free in a magazine, It's a whopping 100ml tube :-) 

I hadn't heard much about the brand until I picked up the magazine but not long after I noticed them popping up here and there on blogs and also on QVC. 

I love the chic packaging with the trendy lady and cute writing. 

I've used a few Percy & Reed products over that last year and they all seem to have the same look and smell. They have a minty floral scent which is actually a lot nicer than it sounds. It's not too strong either so it doesn't overwhelm your perfume or anything like that.  

I would call this product a styling balm, it gives soft, flexible hold that lasts for a long time. 

Instructions : 'Use a pea size amount on hair to smooth, control or groom unruly hair. Use a little more to add definition and hold'

That's pretty much how I use this product, I take a small amount to smooth out any fly away's but what I really love using this product for is for holding my curls. I use it instead of hair spray and my curls last all night and even into the next day. 

I love how light weight it is and how well it last's. I'd definitely repurchase this product although I'm hoping they release it with a magazine again :-) 

Can't say no to a bargain like that!

I'f you fancy trying out this product right now you can buy a 50ml tube from QVC in this High Shine Kit for £16.75! It includes the Color & Shine shampoo and Conditioner too, which I've also tried and loved! :-) 

Have you tried any of the Percy & Reed product's? Anything you think I should try out?

Linzi xxx

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