Tuesday, 18 February 2014

REVIEW: Sleek - Blush By 3 - Pumpkin

Hullo Ladies!

Recently I bought three of the Sleek Blush By 3 palettes and today I'll be reviewing Pumpkin which is one that's been on my Wishlist for over a year.

When I first heard about the Blush By 3 palettes, Pumpkin was the one that really called out to me and after reading reviews after reviews of it I knew that I needed it in my life.

Then when I finally found a Sleek Counter I chickened out and went for Lace instead that looked easier to use. 

Although I love Lace and used it well since last April I was still gutted that I didn't pick up Pumpkin too. 

Pumpkin comes with three blushes - One that's shimmer, One that's Satin and One that's Matte. 

Like all Sleek Packaging it comes in a thin matte black casing that's easy to travel with and is also very durable. 

P Pie is the first shade and it's a red coral with gold shimmer 

Squash is a blue toned pink with a gorgeous sheen.

Lantern is a bright orange matte. 

I couldn't find a dupe for P Pie.

I did notice that Squash is a dupe for the Sleek Single Blush I own called Flamingo. 

After looking online a lot of bloggers say that Lantern is a dupe for the Limited Edition blush that sleek came out with called Aruba. I was gutted I missed out on Aruba so I was delighted to here that a dupe of it was in this palette. 


After using this palette for a few weeks I'm delighted to say it's as pigmented and long lasting as all the other Sleek blushes I own. 

They last all day on me and although the colours can look scary in the palette as long as you learn how much of a light hand you need then they can look amazing on any skin tone. 

I'm so happy I finally bought this palette, this and the other Blush By 3 palettes are my 'go to' blushes lately! 

Have you tried the line? Which one is your favourite?!

Linzi xxx