Sunday, 24 August 2014

Eau My Giddy God - Jimmy Choo - EDP

Hullo Ladies!

I recently finished off a few perfumes so these last few weeks I've been buying some new fragrances and this Jimmy Choo EDP was one of my first buys as it was already on my wishlist. 

I remember trying the EDT version of this back when it first came out and hating it but a few months ago I tried the EDP version and fell in love. I find it a lot sweeter and quite seductive. 

The Notes of this perfume are - Toffee, Patchouli, Pear, Orchid and Mandarin.  

I can smell the sweet toffee and patchouli which makes this reminiscent of other very famous perfumes like Flowerbomb and La Vie Est Belle but Its unique in it's own way so I think you could definitely own all three and not feel like you'd bought the same fragrance. 

I can certainly see why this is such a popular scent, it's got great lasting power and good silage which makes it great for nights out and I've gotten a few compliments in the times I've worn it out by both men and women. 

I adore the bottle, it looks amazing on my bedside table with all my other perfumes. 

I highly recommend this fragrance and suggest you check it out next time your in a store that stocks it :-) 

I bought this 60ml bottle from Amazon for about £28 which is a great bargain! 

Have you tried this perfume? what do you think of it?

Linzi xxx

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