Friday, 15 August 2014

REVIEW - Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks - Turn On, Anarchy + Shame

Hulla Ladies!

Exciting post for you today :-)

I'm reviewing a few of my new lipsticks which I bought from Feel Unique last month.

The Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks!!! Ta Dah :-)

With a slogan like "Creamy, Badass Luxery" I knew these lipsticks were worth a go but were they worth £15? That's what I was wondering when I first heard about them a few months back. So like everything I contemplate buying I did a quick Google search and came across lots and lots of lovely blog reviews screaming about these gorgeous lippy's

So after deciding that I would buy just one first, to see how I liked them, I searched for a shade that would be easy to wear on a day to day basis but fun all the same as I do like a bright lip. I chose Turn On which is I lovely rosy pink. I loved it on first application, it's creamy, pigmented and so pretty! It would look lovely worn on a daily basis with a nice subtle look or even paired with a smokey eye on a night out. 

From Left To Right - Turn On, Anarchy and Shame.

So a few weeks later I noticed Feel Unique had an awesome £10 a £25 spend coupon so I decided to pick up two more. 

I chose Anarchy which is a bright fuchsia pink and Shame which is a dark vampy plum/red.

Anarchy is one of the brightest pinks I've ever owned. It's gorgeous and looks stunning matched with a light foundation and winged liner. 

Shame is a very dark lipstick. I haven't had much opportunity to wear it. I feel sexy as hell when I do wear it though. I can't wait for the Autumn/Winter to get here so I can play around with it more. 

From Left To Right - Turn On, Anarchy and Shame.

All of the ones I've tried so far are great quality. They're pigmented, moisturizing and long lasting. 

The only one I could say I had a slight problem with was Shame, It did grab on to any dry areas on my lips so I suggest you use your favourite lip balm before applying. 

They all leave a lovely even stain with is nice if you hate re-applying as you can stick with the berry stained lips look or quickly apply a lip balm or gloss to revive it. 

The packaging is also stunning, it's so sleek and pretty. It looks expensive but is still subtle. It doesn't look gaudy and over done like some lipstick packages. 

I can't recommend these enough. I'm hoping to get a few more when I get that chance. I love the look of Bang and Catfight :-) 

Like I said earlier in the review these go for £15 each but I suggest you do what I do and go snooping for a Feel Unique code! 

Have you tried these lipsticks yet? What do you think of them? 

Linzi xxx


  1. Ooooh! I want!! Those are beautiful and look so pigmented. I was eyeing them on the site and googled a few colors. I may have to place an order :) I love Urban Decay!!

    1. I love them! They're so pretty :-) same here hun, it's a great brand!