Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Body Shop Sale Haul

Hi Ladies!

This one is really late as the sales been over for awhile now but as The Body Shop always have great deals on I thought It would still be an interesting Haul to show you :-) 

I love a good Body Shop Sale and the recent one didn't disappoint. 

What I did do though was wait a few weeks until right at the end of the sale so that they would bring out a coupon code to take an extra 40% off all products including the sale! 

The first few things I picked up was the Blueberry Limited Edition line. 

I got the shower gel for £1.80, the Body Scrub for £3 and the Lip Butter for £1.80. 

They all smell really good! 

I also picked up a few more things from the Tea Tree line which is my go to skin care line. 

I picked up the new Tea Tree BB Cream, the Squeaky Clean Scrub and the Skin Clearing Lotion.

I can tell you now that the BB Cream is going to be a re-purchase! It's amazing. I'm hoping to do a review soon. 

These products were not in the sale but I got them for 40% off with the coupon code! 

The last thing I bought in the sale was this Lip Butter LolliPop. 

With the Extra 40% off I only payed £6 for it!! 

I've wanted to try all these for ages! 

When I first started buying from The Body Shop one of my first purchases was the Sweet Lemon Lip Butter and I loved it because it smelt like lemon cheesecake. 

They've discontinued the line now but I've been wanting to try the other scents as I've heard lots of great things about them. So far I've only tried the Shea and Mango but I already adore them! 

So those are my recent Body Shop purchases :-)

Have you bought anything from them recently? The next thing I want to pick up is the Honey Bronzer! Apparently the lightest one is amazing for pale ladies like me :-) 

Linzi xxx

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