Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Sleek Haul! Blush, Eye Shadow and Brows!

Hi Ladies!

So you may know that recently I've become OBSESSED with the brand Sleek and I just want to show you some of my most recent purchases :-) 

 First I ordered some more of the eye shadow palettes, I picked Storm and Au Naturel. 

Both I'd heard lots about :-) 

Storm Palette

They're both neutral palettes so great for every day looks but they also have some amazing dark jewel tone shadows so amazing for smokey eyes too! 

The other two products I picked up was the Brow Kit in Dark and I've only been using it for a day and I'm in love. My brows have never looked so good! 

The last product I picked up was the one I was most excited to get and have wanted for the longest is the new Blush By 3 palette in Pink Lemonade. I've wanted it since I first saw a blog post of it online and It's as beautiful in real life as it is pictured online! 

I'm definitely happy with everything I've bought. 

Everything was purchased from Amazon :-)  

The next product I'm thinking of buying is the I-Candy palette, It's very bright and different to what I usually go for but it's just so pretty! 

Have you bought anything from Sleek recently? Anything from them that your dying to try?!! 

Linzi xxx


  1. Very nice haul. Haven't bought sleek for a while :)

    1. Thanks hun! I'm in love with the brand at the moment :-)

  2. I find Storm one of the most perfect eyeshadow palettes.
    It is neutral but it has that greyish purple, that blackened green, the burgundy, plus a light and a medium matte brown for blending.
    I would have put a navy blue instead of the pink, but other than that I find it perfection!
    Lovely haul! :-)


    1. It's an amazing palette :-) ohh sounds nice! Thanks hun :-) xx