Thursday, 31 October 2013

My Name is Linzi and I'm a Perfume Addict

Hullo Ladies!

Just a quick post today, talking about some of the new perfumes that have entered my life over the last few weeks.

Now, I don't usually buy this many in a just a short few weeks but I've had a few things going on lately that seem to qualify for splurging in the fragrance area

It was my 21st Birthday in September and I got 3 perfumes around that time!

Chanel Chance EDT From my Brother - My brother decided to buy this for me months ago after he went shopping with me and we tested it in store. I was so excited to own a Chanel fragrance, It seems to be stopping every woman should do at least once :-) I suggest try the Chance line out, they're all great scents! 

Peace Love and Juicy Couture from my Mam and Dad - This was on Super Clearance in Asda last Month and my Mam picked it up for me after seeing me drool all over it ;-) It's super fresh and green. At first I wasn't that fussed with the scent but it seems to be addictive because some days I just want to sniff it!

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck from my Cousin - I used the money she gave me from my birthday and it was on such a great deal so It was a good choice. I'm in love with it and have used so much of it already! Definitely an everyday favourite for me :-) 

Another reason I bought perfume was because I was in Duty Free last week!

Alien EDP By Thierry Mugler - This one was a great price in Duty Free and I've loved it ever since smelling it on a friend last New Years Eve. It's a very sexy and unique scent. One to wear on a night out. I wore it to a Halloween Party last weekend :-) 

Flowerbomb EDT by Viktor & Rolf - I've loved Flowerbomb for ages now but it's way too expensive! I splurged on the plane back home, mostly because I thought I was about to die and also because I still had a bit of money left from the holiday. Seriously! The flight back was horrible!!!

Last but not least I bought the Vera Wang Princess from Amazon this week because they had a fabulous deal going on :-)  It's a gorgeous scent, I was worried it was going to be very similar to Princess Night which I already own but they're completely different! 

So those are all my new perfumes!

Have you added anything new to your collection lately? 

Linzi xxx

DISCLAIMER: I don't want this post to sound like I'm bragging or anything like that. It's more of a confession if anything!  Trying to talk about perfumes more instead of buying more of them ;-) 


  1. Awesome perfumes collections! <3

  2. I want to buy so much the alien but is so expensive for 30ml :)

    1. It really is expensive. I wouldn't be able to afford anywhere but duty free :-)