Friday, 25 October 2013

I'm Back! Holiday Photo's and Perfume Haul :-)

Hullo Ladies!

I'm back from my Holiday and I'm super excited for the next couple of months :-) 

Halloween is less than a week away and not long after that comes Bonfire Night and then Christmas!

But before I get too excited about all that let's get back to last week.... 

Here's me drinking a yummy pina colada! 

I absolourtly adore that Primark maxi dress by the way, I got lot's of compliments from people and it was so comfy to wear :-) 

So this was the gorgeous view from the apartment we stayed at.
 A fantastic view of the atlantic ocean!

Most days we spent hours in the sea, swimming and getting knocked down by the huge waves. It's surprising how funny it can be watching your family and friends getting knocked over by a wave and then standing back up and getting knocked over by another one. 

There were a lot of hilarious moments of missing bikini bottoms! 

Half way through our holiday we were told by some locals to head down to the local Marina because in the out of season times there's a spa like restaurant/resort that let's you in for free. They give you a card and all you do is then pay for whatever drinks and food you get when you leave at the end. Obviously the food and drink was slightly more expensive than anywhere else but we were on holiday and we had an amazing time so it was worth it. 

It was a beautiful place with a gorgeous (freezing) salt water pool. 

Also the food and cocktails were amazing. 

I had an American Brownie there and I've never tasted anything better! 

So now onto duty free! 

Okay....If you've read my blog before, you know I'm obsessed with perfumes so I'm gonna tell you straight. I got one going, got one coming back and I got one when I got home...........

I know!!!!! I'm sorry :-( 

My Names Linzi and I'm a perfume-holic.

I got the Alien set on the way there. I literally I couldn't pass it up! It was an amazing deal!

I got the 60ml EDP Set for 40 euros. 

Which if you know Alien, you know that it's an amazing deal!

I just checked on The Perfume Shop website and the 60ml set on there is £77.50! 

Then on the way home we were rushed onto the plane so I didn't have time to shop in duty free. Whist on the plane I saw that they were selling some makeup and fragrances and I noticed they sold the 50ml edt of Flowerbomb.

 I was also going to pick up the Naked 2 Palette but they didn't stock it on the plane. So I still had some money left. 

The day after I got home I had a text from a friend telling me that Amazon was selling the 100ml Vera Wang Princess perfume for just £26.00

So that's what I bought out of what money I had left! 

I'm so happy with the perfumes I've bought!

I'm going to have to stop though because due to my birthday and now my holiday I have 6 new perfumes to get through! 

No more perfumes for me for awhile! 

I had a great holiday and now I'm excited to get back into blogging :-) 

Here's the link the the Vera Wang Perfume! Get it quick while it's on an amazing deal, remember it changes on a regular basis with Amazon :-) 

Linzi xxx


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    1. I know! I've been spoilt :-) Need to stop buying them now though, otherwise I'll never get through them! xxx