Sunday, 13 October 2013

Holiday Clothing - Pieces I'm taking with me!

Hey Ladies!

Today I'm showing you what I'm taking on holiday with me - clothing wise :-) 

WARNING - The Following Post Contains many Dresses. 

New Look Dress -  Kelly Brook Collection 

£13 in Sale

This is a recent find that I haven't had time to haul. I picked it up in a recent sale, I wasn't sure whether to purchase it because I don't usually like fleshtones on me because I'm so pale but I dressed it up with black tights and my black leather jacket and it looked great :-) 

New Look Skater Dress


This is a dress I received from my Aunty for my 21st Birthday.  I wore it recently and really loved how it looks. 

New Look Playsuit


I bought this months back at the beginning of the Summer. I think I'm going to be wearing this around the pool. It's easy to put on and off when I get it and out of the pool and I can imagine it would dry quickly too. 

New Look

Aztec Maxi Dress £16.99

My brother bought me this in the Summer, whilst we were shopping for a Birthday present for my Dad. It's a gorgeous maxi dress that is very flattering on.

New Look Belts 

2 for £2.99

New Look Dress


A great summer dress I bought a few months back, It's so pretty with my denim jacket and a brown belt!

New Look 


Another gorgeous summer fress from New Look, I'm really happy with the dresses from New Look this year. They brought out some stunning ones! You can tell, by the amount I've purchased! Hehe!

Dorothy Perkins

£20 in Sale

I bought this in Outfit a few months back and I'm in love with the fit. It looks crappy hanging up on the hanger but I feel so bloody sexy in it. I could have filled out the butt better but like all the women in my family I'm kind of lacking in that department. Sigh....

New Look Shirt 


I bought this to wear with the skirt below. It's your every day aztec print vest that looks great dressed up and dressed down. 

Dorothy Perkins Peplum Skirt 

£7 in Sale

Before this summer, I don't think I own one skirt but lately I'm in love with them. I picked this up in the Dorothy Perkins Sale in Outfit and I'm so happy I did. It's another piece that I feel super sexy wearing!

ASDA Tights and Bikini

Sheer Black Tights - £3.50 (these are okay, not great, my Mam likes them enough though so she's taking them!) 

Hazelnut Tights - £2 (Really like these! Great for the price )

Bikini - £5.00

I've never worn a bikini in public but everytime I go on holiday I look around and get really jealous about all the pretty bikini's everyones wearing so this time I bought a cheap one to experiment with. I'm also taking my usual bathing suit too, just incase I don't like the bikini!

New Look Skirt 


Another gorgeous skirt that I'm taking! I love this one I picked it up in the ASOS sale (they sell New Look too!) I've worn it lots of times already and it's great!

Primark Maxi Dress


Another gorgeous maxi dress and for £10 you can't go wrong. I could have chosen one a few sizes down because it's super stretchy. I love it anyway though and guess what?! It has pockets!!!

ASOS Curve


This was my Birthday dress and I adore it, It's unique and comfy but looks sexy too :-) 

ASOS Curve 


Thius is my new Little Black Dress, I haven't worn it yet but I'm really looking forward to wearing it! I'm matching it with my kimono! 




I knew I needed it as soon as I saw it. I think it would looking lovely with the summer dresses from New Look and my denim jacket :-) 


Denim Jacket 

£9 in Sale

I was searching for a denim jacket for most of Spring and Summer and found this gorgeous one on sale in ASDA for just £9. It's supper comfy isn't too thick or too thin. Perfect! 

New Look Kimono


I almost nearly didn't pick it up because of principles. I was pissed that New Look was selling exactly the same thing in the Inspire range but for a higher price. My nan made me pick it up in the end, I'm glad though because I really do love it. I'll just have to settle for writing them an angry email! Hehehe! Joke!


 ASDA - Glitter Belts 2 for £3

New Look - Waist Belts 

In Sale £3-£6

I'm in love with belts recently as well and picked up these lovely ones over the last few months. 

New Look

Ankle Boots 


I've been wearing these everywhere! I've never owned a pair of ankle boots and I think they look amazing with a dress and a pair of tights :-)

Open Toed Heel


Under £5

One of my favourite pair of heels, It took me a long time to decide which ones to take and I decided on these. They're sexy but comfortable to walk in.

New Look Dress


Another gorgeous dress I'm taking with me. Again from New Look! 

So there you go, practically everything I'm taking with me on holiday!

This time tomorrow I'll be in Portugal, probably sitting on the viranda drinking a tia maria :-) 

Eeeeeeek! I can't wait !

Hope you all have an amazing week! I'll be posting as usual next week :-)

Linzi xxx


  1. Oh my gosh Portugal! How exciting! I love everything you've chosen, I'm seriously jealous of some of those dresses! Have a fantastic time lovely xx

    1. I know!!!! It was amazing :-) They're so pretty! I'm obsessed with them lately! Thank you hun! xxx

  2. I love your black skirt and your striped dress!
    I'm in love with dresses in general!
    I follow you on GFC, hope you would follow back!

    1. They're Gorgeous aren't they! Ohhh I'll definitely follow back :-) Thanks for the comment and follow! xxx

  3. Very pretty items, enjoy your weekend, xoxo.

  4. Are the hazelnut tights a kind of skin colour? Xx