Friday, 27 September 2013

Eau My Giddy God: Armani Code - Giorgio Armani

Hullo Ladies!

A fragrance review for you today :-)

This is focused on one of my all time favourites, Armani Code.

Armani Code has been in my life for nearly two years now and this is my second bottle. 

I was in Boot's the January before last and was looking at what was left of the Christmas gift sets, I noticed two different fragrance sets in the sale. This one and Emporio Armani Diamonds. I tested out both perfumes and although Diamonds is a very pretty scent, Armani Code smelt like home to me. It was love at first sniff, if you like :-) 

I purchased two sets when they were £19 each because I knew that I'd have to be super lucky to get such a great deal again, I was right, last year I searched everywhere and couldn't find one for a price as good. 

Armani Code was launched in 2006 and is categorised as a floral but I'd say it's leaning more towards an oriental.

TOP – Bitter Orange, Italian Orange, Jasmine
MIDDLE – Ginger and Orange Blossom , Jasmine
BASE – Sandalwood, Vanilla and Honey

It's a complex mix of being comforting yet mysterious and sexy.

If I had to choose a signature scent then this is it, if I wanted people to be reminded of me by a certain smell then it would be Armani Code.

If you're a fan of sweeter scents but your looking for something slightly more mature for nights out and special occasions then this is perfect. You get the sweetness from the vanilla and honey, the mysteriousness from the Jasmine and Sandalwood and the sexyness from the Ginger and Orange Blossom.

It has great longevity and sillage, which I like. I don't buy a fragrance so that I can only smell it and it disappears within the hour.

 Along with the perfume came a tube of scented lotion. It's gorgeous, smells exactly like the perfume and I use it often when I wear the fragrance so that it's layered and last even longer.

The bottle is gorgeous and is a perfect match for the scent.

This perfume is a 10 out of 10 for me :-)

Have you tried Armani Code?

What's your favourite perfume?

Linzi xxx