Monday, 23 September 2013

Some Great Perfume Deals On Amazon!

Hullo Ladies!

If you're a lover of perfume like me then you may know that with fragrances it's a good idea to shop around for the best price.

A lot of the time, I've found the best price on Amazon.

Maybe not the most obvious place to buy perfume from but if it saves you money and it's the same thing you'd get in store? Then why not?!

Over the years I've bought many perfumes from Amazon and have never had any trouble with them, I usually like to buy from Amazon themselves as the seller though, just as a procaution for if anything did go wrong it' may be easier to get in contact with them.

Not just that though, you an usually get free uk delivery if you buy from Amazon themselves.

Here are some recent great deals I've found whilst browsing the site. 

£34 - 100ml 

£21.88 - 50ml

£22.50  100ml

£33.49 - 50ml

£34.65 - 100ml 

£33.95 - 50ml 

£20.94 - 100ml 

£25.97 - 50ml

Some great perfumes for some amazing offers :-) 

Be careful though, these prices change all the time on Amazon so get them while you can!

Thinking of purchasing a new perfume recently? 

I'm going on holiday next month so I'm having a think about what to get in duty free! Might end up waiting and get something from Amazon though, looking at these prices! 

Linzi xxx

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