Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Summer Makeup Wishlist

Hi Ladies!

So we're having a really sunny week here in South Wales, In fact my whole family had a water fight in our garden this afternoon because it was so hot! 

 I've been thinking a lot about what products I'd love to have this Summer and this is what I've come up with! 


Wether it's because it's a hot day and you just need that extra something to keep your make up from sliding off your face or you know you're having an epic night out and want your makeup looking great for the whole time, this product sounds like a holy grail essential! I've heard some amazing things and I really want to test it out!


I'm super pale and for along time I've always stayed away from bronzing products but after watching a lot of bronzing tutorials on youtube, I have some hope that I can somehow make this work for my extremly white skin without going overboard! No ones likes that look! 


I love the look of these Lip Crayons that Bourjois have brought out, I'm very excited about them and I've heard that Peach On The Beach is actually a great dupe for MAC's Cut The Caper!


I need it in my life. Like. Right Now. 


I feel like every Beauty Guru on Youtube has been talking about this product, It's sounds amazing just because of the scent....but it's apparently a really beautiful nude! 


This is my favourite foundation ever and I know some people may be thinking that it would be too heavy for summer but I really don't feel that way. It's beautiful for all seasons and it's the longest lasting foundation I've ever tried! It's a Holy Grail Product for me :-)

So those are the product I'm wanting for this Summer!

What's on your Summer Makeup Wishlist?

Linzi xxx


  1. Nice list! If you do end up getting the spray could you do a review? I always get makeup melt down in the summer :( And I hate powdering lol

    1. If I'm ever lucky enough to have it hun I'll definitely do a review :) I know what you mean hun, were having a heat wave in the UK at the moment and I haven't work make up in over 2 weeks!! Nothing!