Wednesday, 24 July 2013

First ever ASOS order! Feat Primark and New Look :-)

Hullo Ladies!

So I've been a naughty girl this last week but I guess I'm just not made to write blog post in a heat wave....My body and mind just aren't up to it. 

Surprisingly though, something I am able to do in this heat is online shopping.....Ummm....I have no excuses :-( 

So after stalking the website for more than a year, I decided to try out asos. Mainly because of the gorgeous dress below thats actually from Primark and at £10, I just couldn't say no.

Sadly it wasn't to be and I ended up sending it back due to the fact that it felt two sizes smaller than it stated. 

I think I started to cry when I gave it to the post office woman. 

I've had no problem with refunding though which is always a good thing. Can't beat free postage and returns. 

Here are the things that did fit! 

Originally £14.99
Sale Price £9.50 

I haven't worn a skirt this colourful since I was about nine but lately I've been loving the look of them and really want a few more. 

This fits beautifully and is true to size. 

All I need now is a new white t -shirt to wear with it :-) 

Originally £28
Sale Price £16.50 

This is the dress I picked after returning the Primark Red Dress. 

I could probably go a size down but I think it works fine, its a swing dress so it's supposed to be big right? 

I'm so glad I did, It's gorgeous. I'm hopefully going to wear it to my town's festival this Saturday and I'm pairing it with my waist belt that came with a dress that my mam bought me from Debenhams years ago.  I need to get some more belts, they're my favourite things to pair with a dress.

I love how you only have to belt this dress for it to show off your beautiful curves without being super tight and showing those horrible bumps. 


A stunning maxi dress that is going out of stock fast by the looks of it. 

I could have gone down a size but It still fits okay. It comes with a belt that's a great size. I was worried it was going to be too small but it's a good length ;-) Hehehe. 

I love the print so much. 

The most surprising thing of all has POCKETS! 

I love the idea of having pockets on dresses, I've found a few of them lately but this is the first Maxi dress I've seen with them. That will come in handy on holiday :-) 

So that's everything I've ordered from the ASOS website :-) 

I'm really happy with my order and I've had no problems. 

I choose the free delivery option and it came in just 3 days.

Have you bought anything from ASOS lately? 

Linzi xxx


  1. Loving what you picked! What a shame the dress wasn't true to size, it looked SO pretty!

    1. I was so upset over it but I'm glad I ended up with the blue one anyway :-) Thanks for the comment hun xx

  2. All pretty :) But I love the blue and black print one!!!

    I just went to the site but they don't do US shipping :(

    But I'm an online clothes shopping junky..I love a good sale but I hate going through stuff on the is much easier for me!!!

    1. I love it too hun :-) Ahh gutting, hopefully they'll do some sort of offer soon for you. It says on the UK website free international shipping. I know I've seen US bloggers with the dress...but they might have bought it off ebay. Maybe try that :-)

      Ohh I'm with you hun, I'm always online window shopping. I do love trying things on though before I buy them, It's very disappointing when they get here and either they don't fit or they look nothing like the picture hehe

      Thanks for the comment! xxx