Sunday, 5 May 2013

Collective Haul : Too Faced, Garnier, MUA and N-SPA!

Hullo Ladies!

This is just a quick haul to show you what I purchased over the last week.

I managed to find one of the N-SPA Sweet Shop gift sets on Clearance in ASDA. The scents included are Rhubarb & Custard  and Lemon Sherbert. Not a fan of the lemon one so far but the Rhubarb one smells super yummy! Just like the boiled sweets :-) 

Also while in ASDA I picked up another tube of the Garnier Moisture Match in Goodbye Dry, It's part of my daily routine now and I think one tube lasts me around 4 - 6 weeks. They were cheaper in ASDA this week, only £4 so I picked it up. I love the scent, I find it really comforting. I also want to pick up the Simple Rich Moisturizer. I might pick up that one next and see how it compares. 

The other day I took a trip into town and managed to sneak into Superdrug. I picked up three lip products from MUA. The Lip Boom in Cheeky and two Power Pouts in Rendezvous and Runaway.  I wish I had just picked up another Power Point as I'm really not liking that Lip Boom which is disappointing as I loved the last one I bought :-( 

Last but not least I finally decided to splurge on the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette that I've wanted for years! It's gorgeous, I can't wait to play around with it in the next few weeks and then write up a review! 

Have you tried the Too Faced Palette's? 

Which one do you have?!

Have a great Bank Holiday Monday !

Linzi xxx


  1. Ah that's so disappointing when you try a product and love it, then try another shade from the line and hate it. :(
    The too faced palette always tries to tempt me to buy it, but I don't wear neutral colours all that much so it would be a waste in my collection, glad you got your hands on it at last. I can imagine you using it a lot :D

    1. I know...I was gutted!

      Hehehe. I can imagine I will too hun. We're totally different in that way, I wouldn't know what to do with one of those Sugarpill palettes you bought recently lol Thanks for the comment!