Monday, 10 September 2012

Eau My Giddy God : Gwen Stafani - Harajuku Lovers - Love

Hullo Lovely Readers!!

For years I have been wanting to try one of these Harajuku lovers perfumes but never got the chance, then  a few months ago I become obsessed...and I mean OBSESSED.... with perfume. 

In a space of three months I more than doubled my collection and managed to pick up two of the HL fragrances. 

At a great price too!

This gorgeous bottle of perfume is from the Wicked Style collection, I must admit...her purple dreadlocks fascinate me. 

On the Fragantica website they say that the top notes are Pear, Nectarine and Mangosteen. 

Middle notes are African Orange Flower and Violet.

 Base Notes are Sandlewood, Praline and Musk.

The notes that stick out for me are the Pear, Violet and Praline. When first applied it's very fruity but then settles down into a more sweet, floral scent. 

I wouldn't say this was one of my all time favourite perfumes but the reason I included it in my recent Monthly Favourite's post was because I've seemed to have grown attached/addicted to the smell. 

This happens to me with a lot with perfumes. For months I will not wear it but then suddenly I don't want to wear anything else except it.

It's not my favourite HL perfume but for the price I'm glad I picked it up to try, it's one that you should probably test before buying as it is a very sweet/fruity scent. 

I would definitely gift this to a teen that's maybe fed up of the usual fragrances they get given...e.g. Britney :-)

Packaging wise, I love it and think most teenagers would. They are fun to collect and lets not forget the handy way that they can become finger puppets when you take of the lid off!!! Amazing Much?? *I think I need to slow down on the coffee :-)*

 It last's a good few hours on the skin but even longer on clothes. 

I picked this perfume up for around £10 in the Boots sale a few months back.

I've also bought one from TK Maxx at the same price. So have a good look around :-) 

Have you tried any from the Harajuku line??

I really want to try Lil'angel and G, they sound amazing but I just haven't found them at a good price yet :-( 

Hope you have all had an okay Monday!

Linzi xxx


  1. I love Harajuku Lovers LOVE too. smells nice.

    1. Its definitely and interesting fragrance hun, glad you love it :-)